"You’re only as good as your equipment allows you to be."

-Ben Hogan

Whether you are an experienced golfer or a true beginner you owe it to yourself to have a professional club fitting and inspection of equipment. It is very important that all components of a golfers bag is indiviually fit and tailored to their needs.

Club Fitting $25.00

With the evolution of Trackman, the art of fitting is no longer an opinion. Trackman offers realtime feedback and 1 foot accuracy out to 400 yards. During the evaluation the golfer will be tested for clubhead compatability, club length, shaft flex, shaft weight, lie angle, loft, and grip size.

Ball Fitting $15.00

The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot. The ball fitting process begins with an assessment of your game, your performance objectives, and your personal preferences. The last step of the fitting is comparing actual ball data on Trackman. The two most important factors in selecting the correct ball is carry vs roll and spin rate.

Spin rate has a major influence on the height and distance of a shot. Spin rate is one of the least appreciated numbers, especially in windy conditions.

Distance/Yardage Fittings $50.00

Players who want to know their precise yardage with all clubs are in luck! With the help of Trackman Radar it is now possible to test the actual distance of clubs. The Mitchell Lie/Loft Machine allows the professional the ability to make a ball travel the anticipated distance of the player by changing the loft of the club.

Carry is the distance the ball travels through the air.